Sanctions Screening

Sanctions screening is a control employed within Financial Institutions (FIs) to detect, prevent, and manage sanctions risk. Screening should be undertaken as part of an effective Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) program, to assist with the identification of sanctioned individuals and organizations, as well as the illegal activity to which FIs may be exposed. It helps identify areas of potential sanctions concern and assists in making appropriately compliant risk decisions.


ComplyGenics assists clients in assessing the effectiveness of their sanctions screening controls, whether automated, manual, or both.

Customer Screening

Together, transaction and customer screening are designed to form a robust set of controls for identifying sanctions targets. It should be recognized that there are several limitations in the way in which these controls are managed and should always be employed as part of a wider FCC program.

ComplyGenics has deep experience in building and supporting sanctions screening programs and can provide the technology and expertise you need to avoid penalties and stay profitable in this competitive market. ComplyGenics helps in implementing a digital platform for global screening and politically exposed person (PEP) search.

Sanctions Screening & Watch List Filtering​

ComplyGenics assists in building a robust sanctions screening system which helps as below:

  • Reduce False-Positives
  • Lower False-Negatives
  • Minimize Operational Costs
  • Scale with Automation

How ComplyGenics assist in overcoming the challenges of Sanctions Screening

Sanctions screening is not just a matter of checking the lists. To make it work in the context of a day-to-day business environment, screening must be operationally and cost effective— with minimal interference to transaction speed and customer experience.

ComplyGenics has worked with clients in achieving the following while implementing robust sanctions screening.

  • Balancing transparency with customer experience
  • An effective sanctions screening solution must handle large numbers of transactions flawlessly
  • Data source integration
  • Real-time screening capability

Sanctions screening increasingly important in today’s complex global business environment

We know that penalties for sanction violations are increasing in volume and magnitude, threatening significant fines and reputational damage for non-compliance. As a result, a comprehensive sanctions screening program is critical. Your firm must successfully screen transactions and customers against multiple sanctions lists, identify politically exposed persons (PEPs), and avoid transacting with government sanctioned countries, organizations, and individuals or dealing with embargoed goods.

We watch list filtering and sanctions screening solution reduces regulatory risk using unique 4th generation name matching analytics, intelligent scoring, and alert consolidation to generate high quality hits with low false positives.

Functionality to manage complexity

The ability to conduct accurate name matching to prevent non-compliance occurrences is more critical than ever. We ensure effective, enterprise-wide watch list processing, multi-jurisdictional screening across business units, and integrated investigations to provide you with an end-to-end sanctions list coverage.

Feature-rich functionality includes:

  • Comprehensive customer screening
  • Intuitive, efficient alert management
  • Real-time transaction screening
  • Intelligent name matching algorithms
  • Complete watch list support
  • Flexible list management and configuration

Unified and consistent sanctions screening

Our comprehensive solution enables consistent, global sanctions screening with high-quality alerts that increase operational efficiency, reduce compliance costs, and help you avoid regulatory penalties.

  • Enterprise-wide transaction and customer screening across multiple business units and lists supported within a single, comprehensive solution, ensures technology, analytics, and process consistency in meeting complex local and global regulatory requirements.
  • Automated workflow management, consolidated alerts, and a content-rich user interface combined with unique 4th generation analytics and search profiles ensure effective multi-cultural name filtering, high alert quality, and minimal false positives.
  • Consolidation of multiple legacy systems into a single proven solution for sanctions screening requirements across the enterprise significantly reduces operational, hardware, maintenance, and deployment costs.

ComplyGenics has expertise in the following areas of sanctions screening. We believe sanctions screening is the most important part of an FCC program. Other important considerations are key enabling functions, comprehensive screening in conjunction with other financial crime risk prevention and control processes.

We will work with you to enhance the overall sanction screening program: 

Policies & Procedures
Risk Assessment
Internal Controls

Our clients deploy two main screening controls to achieve their objectives:

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