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Model/Rule Tuning 

One of the challenges of deploying, running, and maintaining an effective Transaction Monitoring system is being able to tune it to eliminate the noise and find true suspicious activity. Monitoring systems once deployed need to be regularly tuned and updated to adapt to changes in the environment. Criminals are very adaptable and aware that what worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, and so monitoring systems need to keep up and hopefully stay ahead. Thus, they should critically look at for effectiveness on an ongoing basis in addition to a yearly review.

ComplyGenics Helps Clients Effectively Deal With These Challenges By Focusing On:

  • Reviewing risk profiles, update applicable red flags and typologies on the AML transactions monitoring program

  • Identifying any gaps between trending AML risks and the latest risk assessment

  • Evaluating detection scenarios to ensure that new risk trends are appropriately covered.

  • Performing data analysis to ensure data completeness and accuracy

  • Reviewing customer/account segmentation model and review the methodology used

  • Performing above-the-line/below-the-line testing on all parametrizable rules.

  • Ensuring that all model/rules are working as expected

  • Performing an impact analysis of changes to the parameters' values and update the implementation documentation to reflect the changes.

After concluding the above analysis ComplyGenics will work with your team on developing a plan to mitigate false positive alerts, alerts ranking, and implement agreed-upon changes to your transaction monitoring program.

ComplyGenics team has years of experience performing Model/Rule tuning on most major transaction monitoring systems. We will assemble the most qualified team to work with you on increasing your transactions monitoring effectiveness and efficiency. We will ensure that knowledge transfer occurs during and at the end of the project so your teams will be well versed on the work is done and the decision taken.

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