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Know Your Customer


We understand that KYC is more than a regulatory requirement, it is a key element in maintaining the integrity of your business in the fight against fraud and money laundering. ComplyGenics will work with your team ensuring that regulatory requirements are met and bad actors are kept out of your institution. We believe that the lack of a strong and efficient KYC process makes your institution vulnerable to bad actors. We will work tirelessly with you on ensuring that bad actors stay out of your institution, on enhancing your systems and processes, and on identifying and minimizing the risk of adverse audit findings that may result in regulatory actions against your institution.

Understand Your Customer

  • Identify hidden network connections to gain a broader view of your customer and the risk they present to your institution.

  • Predict customer behavior more accurately by using dynamic intelligent segmentation models that better define clusters/profiles.

  • Enable a continuous customer risk evaluation that incorporates changes in behavior, transaction activity, and new alerts/cases.

  • Onboard your customers faster with less friction and gain a better understanding of their wider context.

  • Reduce unnecessary costs by implementing optimized RPA/AI to enhance your KYC processes.

Enhance KYC Data

Create an enterprise-wide single client view by combining KYC information with transactional & external data. 

Discover New Insights

Build connections within your data to gain a better understanding of your client's behavior and relationships

Understand the Risk

Understand the risk related to your products & services, geographies, processes, and customers. 

Embrace Dynamic Updates

Automate your customer risk scoring processes in real-time and ensure that your customer activity monitoring solutions feed KYC processes as close to real-time as possible. 

Enhance Due Diliegence (EDD)

Well defined EDD triggers and processes so only those customers are flagged for whom EDD is absolutely necessary. 

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