Implementation, Upgrades, & Conversions

Software Implementations

ComplyGenics understands that with various options and vendors available it can be overwhelming selecting and implementing a new AML application. Generally speaking, a vendor selected solution will cover 90% to 95% of the business requirements without any customization; however, to achieve it, the right models, rules and configuration need to be selected and customized.

ComplyGenics has the expertise to make the implementation of your selected or new acquisition a success. We will ensure that your business requirements are met and any shortcomings mitigated. We work with your team to make sure that the application is properly integrated within your environment and the data needs are satisfied.

Business Requirement Document (BRD)

ComplyGenics will work with your team on defining the business requirements, user and functional requirements, expected quality of service, assumptions and constrains, and implementation requirements.

At a high level we work with you documenting the business reasons for the project, the expected achievements, and the metrics to measure success.

We will document through elicitation the user needs as expressed by the various stakeholders and how stakeholders are expected to interact with the solution.

We will define and document the functional requirements describing the behavior, information, and capabilities of the solution.

We will capture and document the expected quality of service highlighting environment conditions under which the solution must remain effective and the quality that the solution must meet.

We will ensure that assumption and constrains are well identified and any negative impact on the design of the solution is limited.

We will document the implementation requirements describing the capabilities that the solution must have to facilitate transition to production.

Request for Information (RFI) & Request for Proposal (RFP)

ComplyGenics will work with your team crating the RFI document to be sent to your potential vendors and subsequent evaluation of vendor responses to business requirements. We will ensure that responses are clear and well understood by all stakeholders. We will work with your team developing a matrix that will quantify the vendor response for an unbiased selection.

Once the selection of the best suited vendors has been agreed upon based on responses received through the respective RFI, we will work with your team sending out the (RFP) to the preselected qualified vendors. Once vendor’s responses are received, we will evaluate each submitted RFP and measure how well it meets the business requirements and identify the strengths and shortcoming of each solution.

Project Management

ComplyGenics understands that a successful system implementation requires strategic and business planning, technical project management, and leadership. ComplyGenics teams up with your human resources and augments the team’s skill set where appropriate.

Our teams possess the necessary strategic and business skills to ensure that the project aligns with your organization goals and objectives. We can simplify and communicate the business aspects of the project; work with project sponsors, teams, and subject matters experts to develop appropriate project delivery strategies that maximize business value.

Furthermore, out teams have the necessary technical skills to effectively apply project management knowledge to deliver the desired outcomes and identify those that can provide expert judgment needed for the success of the project.

And finally, our teams have the needed leadership skills to guide, motivate and direct the team. Projects do not happen in a vacuum and often impact many areas of the organization thus negotiation, communication, problem solving, and interpersonal skills are of paramount importance.

Our teams are motivated by success and a desired to deliver projects on time, on budget, and most importantly meeting the organization business goals.

New Implementations, Conversions, & Upgrades

Once you have selected an AML system the real work of implementing it and managing the deployment commences. Our teams have many years of experience managing AML systems implementations and are very familiar with common pitfalls and the ways they can be avoided. We work with you on selecting the solution’s models and rules that best suit your business requirements, ensure that all required model/rule data is available and its quality is consistent and accurate. We will help you map your data to the solution data requirements guaranteeing that process controls are implemented along the way. We will develop an appropriate test plan and use test cases to validate model/rules and configuration settings. Once the UAT is finalized, we will work with you developing a production deployment plan and user training to guarantee a successful rollout.

Testing and Deployment

Our team brings not only its expertise and tools into the testing process, but also the knowledge of compliance products. Whether it is an implementation, upgrade or custom model development, testing remains a big part of the process in every project. Throughout the project we focus on involving your users and technology teams in the testing process guaranteeing an understanding of the processes and the solution models/rules and selected configuration. We create the necessary use test cases to test functional and nonfunctional system components so all stakeholders feel comfortable signing off on the test results.