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Case Management

Automated FCC case management capabilities, combined with monitoring and alerts, enable investigators to perform more effectively and help mitigate financial crime risk. The focus of any financial crime compliance (FCC) program is the investigation of suspicious activity. A centralized FCC case management system is the solution for the growing need of financial institutions to follow unified and consistent investigations processes and controls within their fraud and FCC programs. Firms can achieve significant business efficiencies with an integrated fraud and FCC investigations platform.


ComplyGenics has expertise in implementing a Centralized case management solution that provides a fully integrated case management solution to streamline compliance operations and help investigators organize, prioritize and manage investigations – while creating a permanent audit trail for regulatory review if needed. All relevant information related to a case can be stored and easily updated as new information and evidence are uncovered.

  • Efficiently organize, prioritize, and manage investigations

  • Provide flexible case and content workflows

  • Offer highly configurable capabilities

  • Provide audit trail

  • Reduce the risk of money laundering

Centralized Case Management: The Benefits

Financial institutions can benefit from a centralized and automated FCC case management in the following ways:

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