Automation (RPA)

Software robots can replicate human actions by interacting with desktop applications in the same manner a human employee would thereby reducing overhead, lead time, and errors. Beyond the benefits of cost, speed, and quality, RPA enables scalability, flexibility, and responsiveness.


ComplyGenics can work with your organization end to end through the technical implementation and business process transformation, as well as managing the cultural impacts, change management, and learning & development.

Intelligent Automation

Our mission is to empower a new age of Digital Crime Fighters with access to the right data (that is complete, accurate, and relevant) at the right time. Robotic process automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) help financial institutions by:


  • Increased Operational Agility

  • Improved Employee Experience

  • Improved Time to Insight

  • Improved Compliance


With the help of RPA/IPA bots, we want to help investigators find the needle (money launderer) in the haystack (vast amounts of data) by making the haystack more manageable. We want investigators to focus on complex tasks and “fighting crime” rather than collecting and sifting through data.


Robotic Process Automation is transforming investment banking. New Artificial Intelligence applications are helping firms reduce operational costs, improve client satisfaction, and decrease operational risk.

Core Investigator Challenges:


There are too many mouse clicks involved in an alert investigation lifecycle from generated alert to disposition. Majority of the manual searches are tedious and repetitive.


Majority of the data for the investigation is not material but has to be examined to meet regulatory needs


Too much time is spent finding information from different external systems (e.g., LexisNexis, Google) and internal source systems (e.g., onboarding application)


The data on transactions and customer demographics is sometimes inaccurate, which

creates additional work for remedying the data, and stagnates the process

Duplicative Processes

Performing the same investigation step for a KYC, Transaction Monitoring, and

Sanctions investigation process


There is an abundant amount of data to analyze to complete one investigation from

Transactions, demographics, negative news to onboarding information

Our Services:

Design, Architecture, & Implementation

We design and plan your architecture for each individual Digital Worker that is implemented or delivered, considering: data volume, false alarms, capacity, exceptions, performance, functional and non-functional requirements.

RPA Roadmap Managed Services

We can work as an extension of your team, that will assess, implement, deploy and train your staff on the RPA solution implemented. Performing continuous identification of backlog in parallel to the continued development of Digital Workers.

Automated Data Quality & Standardization

Runs a number of data quality/validation rules based on any relational database and auto generates reports for analysis. For example, the Bot has an in-built address standardization functionality utilizing google maps API to ensure that the address is valid.

Data Collection

Use RPA to collect internal and external data relevant to the investigation. Bots can reduce manual processes (and human error) while allowing investigators to focus more on reviewing and analyzing cases rather than data collection.

Negative News Search With Sentiment Analysis

Bots can search negative and adverse media on a particular individual/entity and provide text summarization, relevance metrics, and sentiment of each hit thereby saving the investigator precious time.

Network Analysis

Provides insights into relationships between seemingly unrelated entities and their interactions. The bots will assist the investigator in unearthing previous hidden relationships and connections in the data to find the money launderer in a seemingly large pool of data and documentation.

Performance Tuning

We will carry out performance tuning for each Digital Worker, individually or as a group of Digital Workers, to ensure that the end user’s results and performance are achieved within the required SLA time.

Vendor & Technology Agnostic

No matter your choice of RPA technology, our experienced team will provide services around either a specific RPA technology, a vendor product (Blue Prism, UiPath, NICE, etc.) or using non-RPA core technology platforms, utilizing Java, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, XSL and more.

Monitor & Analyze

Once RPA is installed, continuous monitoring is essential to ensure that the BOTs carry out their specified process efficiently and respond accordingly to any changes. Regular and repeated observation of the digital workforce is essential to ensure that it is carrying out its role at maximum efficiency. As your business grows and your internal processes develop, your Digital Workforce will require optimization to meet ever changing expectations.