Financial Crimes Compliance Business Services

What We Do

ComplyGenics has a dedicated pool of subject matter experts focused on helping financial institutions manage their Financial Crime compliance programs.   We work with financial institutions to better their risk assessment, customer risk models and segmentation, data validation, transaction filtering & monitoring, alert tuning and management, regulator mandated, or voluntary lookbacks. 

Additionally, our professionals meet and interact on a regular basis with other industry experts to share points of view on various ongoing FCC topics and share ideas on the best approach to meet the challenges and regulatory expectations.

We can help you optimize the following processes:

  • KYC CDD/EDD Processes

  • Risk Assessment

  • Transactions Monitoring

  • Model Validation

  • Model Tuning

  • Sanctions Screening

  • Automation through RPA and NLP

Anti Money Laundering

Financial Crime Compliance


Detecting and forestalling the money laundering and terrorism financing is based on

  • Risk-based approach starting with the evaluation of key risks related to our business, clients and geographic

  • Having adequate guidelines, processes, and monitoring as well as

  • Training our employees


Performing Know Your Customer related liabilities Automatic KYC Remediation and Continuous Monitoring


An effective Transaction Monitoring system is the centerpiece of a successful financial crime compliance (FCC) program.

FCC Tuning

Risk-based approach starting with the evaluation of key risks related to the business, clients, and geography. 

Our Services

Implementation & Professional Services

Navigate your program complexity with ease through our proven expertise.

Reporting & Analytics

Leverage your data to the fullest advantage and report internally and externally with confidence.

Automation (RPA)

Increase your accuracy, speed, and production output while reducing errors and human overheads


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